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Please enter the specifics for your application in the following field and click Next to select the correct tool for your application. If you need to make changes, you may change the data and click Back or Start Over.

If you are working with a tapped hole, please call Heule Tool at (513)860-9900 to speak with an engineer for extended range options.

Please include 3 decimal places for English measurements and 2 decimals for metric.

Standard 'GS' Geometry Blades Front and Back Cutting are standard stock blades and are used for most applications.
Non stock optional blades are offered in different geometries and angles. Some options include:
   1. 'DF' Geometry: Typically used for cutting precision chamfers in materials above 28Rc. 'DF' Geometry requires slower feed rates but may offer  more accuracy.
    2. Back Only Cutting: Use if necessary for special applications where no front chamfers are required.

GS Geometry (standard)
DF Geometry (limited stock)

Front and Back (standard)
Back Cutting Only (limited stock)